After reflecting on my recent trip to Croatia and Portugal, I have come up with a few wellness tips that I’d like to share that I think will come in handy for future travel! 

F O O D: When traveling in Europe there are not many options for eating ‘healthy’ on the go. Think pastries, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches everywhere. If you are a health nut like myself you will struggle with this at first. What I recommend is that you pick up food from the market to prepare your own breakfast, enjoy your carby delicious lunch (the bread, cheese, and meats honestly didn’t mess with my digestion a whole lot), and for dinner try to incorporate a salad or side veg (most restaurants can easily accommodate this in the evening).


R E L A T I O N S H I P: Travelling with another person isn’t always glamorous or romantic if it’s with your significant other. You are literally spending 24 hours per day with this other person, which can make you easily annoyed or irritated if you are used to your alone time. Try to make some time each day to do something on your own. That could be walking to the market to get breakfast foods, going to workout, or doing an activity the other person may not be interested in. Having this time apart will help make you appreciate the time you are spending together and make for an enjoyable trip!

H E A L T H: During our time in Portugal both Nicolas and I got very sick. It’s so important to be prepared for sickness when you travel because you can easily catch a bug when your immune system is down. I always take medication for upset stomach, nausea, and pain because you never know what you may encounter. To keep your immune system in check it's important to keep hydrated throughout the day (especially after the plane ride), sleep (sometimes can be hard but you are on vacation, you deserve a sleep-in), eat lots of fresh produce, and finally wash your hands!

I hope these tips will come in handy for your next travel and If you have any tips of your own tips I'd love to read them!

Kris xx