Toronto Wellness Guide

If you’re looking to get away for a wellness weekend or you’re already a city dweller wanting to change up your routine, Toronto’s wellness community is thriving right now with the best classes and healthy bites! When I first moved here, I was overwhelmed with all of the options and healthy cafes to try. There was lots of experimenting figuring out what classes I liked best and plenty of treats taste-tested for research purposes ;)

After trying many classes, boot camps and drinking copious amounts of coffee, here are my top picks to sweat, fuel and get active in the city of Toronto:



Spinco Downtown - It was a difficult decision to make, but Spinco Downtown is my favourite spin class in the city! If you love upbeat singalong-to music and a motivational instructor you'll love Hayley's class!  

Ride Cycle Ossington - Ok, a close second and had to be added to my list of favourites is Ride cycle! This class is really intense (prepare for heavy techno and pitch black riding), you'll leave this classes drenched in sweat and ready to tackle brunch. 

Barreworks on Queen - Hands down the most beautiful workout studio in Toronto. The Barreworks instructors have the best energy. I love going there on a Saturday morning to set the tone for a great weekend!  

Misfit Studio - The Reformer Pilates class on Queen Street is amazing! Be sure to book it right away as there are limited machines in this class.

Good Space Toronto - All the instructors I've had a Good Space are wonderful! I highly recommend the fundamentals class for first-timers to get a feel for everything they have to offer.  


Coffee + Matcha  

Strange Love - Known for the best cup in Toronto, this place also has little bites if you need a pre-workout snack. PS. It's right next to Spinco Downtown.

Early Bird - This cafe is the instagrammer's dream. Beautifully lit by their huge front window and filled with plants, marble table tops and millennial's taking snaps of their matcha lattes. It's a sight not to be missed!  

Nut Bar - A little on the pricier side, but well worth it! Nut bar makes great turmeric and matcha lattes with their own nut milk! 

Cops Treats - Cop's Treats sells two things; great drip coffee and mini donuts. Enough said.

Jimmy’s Coffee - You can find a Jimmy's in pretty much all of the main neighborhoods downtown. It's a Toronto staple for a great cup of coffee.


Healthy Eats 

Baddies Cafe - I love coming up with reasons to go here. Post spin class or to catch up with friends, you name it i'm there! EVERYTHING is delicious.  Go with your bestie and share a few things because you'll want to try it all. 

Tractor Foods - New to the city, Tractor is a Vancouver based lunch spot that has just hit the Fi-Di. They offer great salad bowl varieties, stews and sandwiches. I love the Moroccan chicken stew here!   

Impact Kitchen - This place dangerously opened right across the street from my apartment. Great salad bowls and treats!

IQ Foods - Seasonal and locally sourced salad bowls...get the Sparta, I’m obsessed!  

Saving Grace - This is one of the first places I went for brunch in Toronto and completely fell in love with this place! I always try something new on the feature board and have never been disappointed. Also, the avocado espresso smoothie is next level.

Hello 123 - Sister restaurant the Kupfert & Kim cafes, Hello 123 has more of a sit down vibe to sip smoothies and order a salad bowls! The cauliflower tahini bowl is tasty!


Sweet Treats 

Sweet Hart Kitchen - Whenever I have visitors in Town, I love to take them to Kensington Market! There's always something interesting going on and plenty of food choices to suit everyone's needs. This bakery is a must when visiting Kensington! I can't get enough of the PB&J muffin... it's becoming a problem!! 

Bunner's Bakeshop - Also found in Kensington Market, Bunner's has the best vegan and gluten free cinnamon buns! 


See and Do

Trinity Bellwoods Park - My favorite park in the city to walk through. Stroll through the park after brunch and bring a blanket to sit under a big shady tree to listen to all the chatter!

Toronto Island - If you don’t have a bike, rent one downtown for the day and head to the Island! I love going to Wards Island, there’s a relatively quiet beach to bike to and a lovely little cafe and restaurant if you get hungry.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my top wellness picks in Toronto! I’d love to know in the comments below if you’ve tried any or if you have a favorite that should be on the list!