Kris Gill

If you read my spring update you’ll know that I decided to dive into the plant based lifestyle this past month. To my surprise, I felt no difference ‘healthwise’. By cutting out meat, poultry and dairy (for the most part) I thought my digestion would feel much ‘lighter’ and my skin would be ‘extra clear’ since #nodairy is supposed to help with that! The thing is, I truly didn’t consume an obscene amount of animal products to begin with so of course I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. If you're wondering if this lifestyle is for you but are scared to make the switch my advice is just give it your best and plan for the week ahead. If I can do it so can you!  

On a more personal note, it felt REALLY good to know that I was eating more sustainable. Yes it sounds kind of lame but hey, if it makes me and the animals happy… win win! I will definitely continue eating plant based for the majority of my diet and include sustainable (when possible) animal products a few times per week. As I always say, it’s all about moderation!

Mini Market List





Broccoli  + Cauliflower

Oyster + Cremini Mushrooms


Sweet potato

Herbs (cilantro/basil)

Lemon + Lime

Organic Plain Yogurt (salad dressings: lemon lime + cilantro or basil) + probiotics!

Organic Milk (I splash it in my morning tea with cinnamon)

Organic Eggs

Hummus (caramelized onion or moroccan spiced - always)

Mary’s Crackers

Rolled Oats

Almond butter

Chia or Flax Seeds


Black beans