As you may or may not know, I have just recently moved to a city that’s extremely flat and runnable. Score. I’ve been doing cardio for years but I've just never been an outdoor runner. So far, I have to say it’s completely different and has been very beneficial to my overall health and wellness. As a beginner, I'm sharing with your my takeaways, tips, and motivators to successfully running outdoors!

Things I have noticed so far

  • Running outdoors is a major stress reliever. 

  • I’m sleeping much better because my body feels exhausted after a run (in a good way).

  • My endurance and breathing are building up quickly by incorporating different types of runs (short, easy, interval and long distance).


  • Don’t run a marathon on the first day. It’s so important that you build up your endurance bit by bit otherwise you can seriously hurt yourself.

  • Always make sure that you get a good 10 minute warm up before you start running (anything that gets your heart rate going, such as a brisk walk or a skipping routine).  

  • Make sure you take your time and have a proper stretch after every run to prevent getting stiff, sore muscles or shin splints!! I can't stress this tip enough!! 

  • Try taking a yoga class a couple times a week if you have these symptoms from running, it really helps you get a deep stretch.


  • You need a great playlist for when you run. I like to start with songs that I connect with and love singing along to like Scream by Oddnesse then move into stuff that’s high intensity that will get you feeling energy and push your limits like Run boy run by Woodkid. Make your playlist your own and listen to what's inspiring you!

  • Run with a friend, join a running club or sign up for a small race. Having something to hold you accountable will motivate you to get out there and tackle your run! As soon as I moved here I signed up for my first 10km race, which I will run next month. This set the foundation for starting a training program and made me feel more accountable to stick with it!