Image via @gerihirsch

Image via @gerihirsch

I’m so excited to share this post with you. A little about my journey toward using non-toxic products before I begin. I have struggled with skin issues since my early teens, first with acne and then rosacea in my 20s. Every visit to the dermatologist would result with me leaving with advice to use Cerave or Cetaphil and a prescription for antibiotics. This became very frustrating because the products just irritated my skin even more and antibiotics don’t agree with my body. One day, I decided I'm just not going to use anything. No cleanser, toner, or moisturizer for an entire week just to see what will happen. To my surprise, my skin really cleared up, especially the redness. One by one I started to add in some natural product to add a little glow and protect.

Non-toxic skin

1-2 times per week I use ½ teaspoon of Ecoideas Raw Organic Coconut Oil mixed with organic cane sugar to exfoliate. I rinse it off with warm water and use the remaining oil on my face as extra hydration (I usually do this in the evening). While many people say that coconut oil actually causes breakouts, I believe that it just depends on your skin type, so give it a try or if you know it doesn’t work well with your skin add the sugar to an oil of your choice.

2-3 times per week I like to tone my face with Indie Lee's COQ-10 Toner. It's all natural, alcohol-free and doesn't irritate my skin like most toners. 

Every other day I take a soft baby face cloth to pat my skin with warm water to freshen my face and then I apply 4-6 drops of Now 100% Pure Rosehip Oil as my face dries. I really find that this helps moisturize my skin and reduce redness.  Once the oil is dried, I then like to apply a mineral based SPF. I use Green Beaver Natural Mineral Sunscreen in SPF 40. If I know I'm not going to be outside all day I will skip this step to give my skin a break from it.

If I wear eye makeup, I will use coconut oil and a cotton pad to remove.

Non-toxic Body Care

I am very lucky to have soft skin, so I don’t moisturize my body all that much. If and when I do it’s with coconut oil (I know, I'm obsessed but this stuff works wonders).  

I only permanently switched to a natural deodorant about three months ago. I workout and sweat every day and found it difficult to find one that actually worked or didn’t irritate my skin. I now use Mabrook & Co. clean deodorant in anilla mint. It has a coconut oil base, with arrowroot and essential oils. You only have to apply a little and it get’s the job done!

These are the non-toxic skin and body products I use on the daily to help protect and give my skin a healthy glow. Please let me know your thoughts on these products or give a recommendation for some non-toxic care that you are really enjoying in the comment box below!