Kris Gill - How to Grocery Shop

Ah, the task of grocery shopping!

Some couldn't be bothered but I personally love a good grocery shop. I like to plan, buy and organize on a Sunday to make for a more productive week and keep my healthy eating on track. 

I don't like to grocery shop without a plan. I just end up with a basket full of random stuff and then I'm still lost on what I'm actually cooking that week. First step, I take out my trusty pen and paper and start making a list of the basics that have run out to make sure there are no duplicates. Next, I look to my cookbooks and places like Pinterest to plan some recipes that I want to make. Then, I base my grocery haul around the items in these recipes and not because my eyes are wandering. I also try to stick to my list as much as possible to stay on budget. I don't need to pick up 10 tins of coconut milk because they are on sale. It's just going to run up my bill and my cupboard space in my tiny kitchen. 

When it comes to grocery shopping, I like to be as sustainable as possible and reduce the amount of plastic I consume. I always bring my own cloth tote bags with the long handles to easily carry home the goods and I bring my own produce bags. I picked up these produce bags and really like them. They're such great quality and look much better in the fridge. I always get asked by the cashiers where I got them from! Besides bringing my own bags, I make such that if there is an option to buy produce without plastic that I choose it. It truly bothers me when produce is wrapped in plastic and I refuse to buy it unless there are no other options!

Kris Gill - How to Grocery Shop

Now, when I'm at the grocery store I shop the outside perimeter and stay away from all the the aisles excepts for the health food aisle. The reason for this is because all of the fresh produce, meats, fish, dairy and bakery are there. The majority of your grocery haul should be from here because these are the foods that are natural, whole (being just one ingredient) and generally better for you!  The only time I will venture into the aisles is if I'm looking for a particular ingredient or spice for a recipe, like tamari or curry paste.

If you find yourself lurking the aisles, here's a great tip that I picked up:

Read the ingredients label. If there's more than 5 ingredients and or you can't pronounce an ingredient listed...PUT IT BACK!

Here are some of my go-to items:

  • Spinach/Tuscan Kale/Mixed Greens

  • Lemon/Limes

  • Bananas (Always need one in my smoothie)

  • Avocado

  • Seasonal Fruit (Right now its peaches and plums)

  • Organic Eggs

  • Plain Greek Yogurt

  • Ezekiel Bread (Sourdough loaf if I go to the bakery)

  • Salmon (Wild caught when possible)

  • Chicken (Hormone free)

  • Dark Chocolate (70% or higher organic chocolate)

Hope you're inspired and ready to hit the shops to get your grocery haul done for the week! If you'd like to see my full grocery list you can download the nourishing grocery checklist PDF here

Big love,