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I just spent the past 12 days back home in Newfoundland with my family and it was a much-needed break! I took time away from my healthy eating and fitness routine to relax and indulge in some home cooked meals (Newfoundland mom's sure know how to cook a cozy meal)! But now that I’m back in the city it’s time to get back on track! If you've taken a long break or are just plain ol' feeling unmotivated it can be a little daunting to get started. I’ve stopped and started my healthy living routine many times and have got my comeback down to a science!  SO, with that said, I’ve gathered up a list of everything I do to give myself a kick in the rear and get back to routine quickly!

Top Ten Tips to Get Back on Track

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  1. Organize your space - clean up and clear out! I feel the most motivated when I’m in a clean and organized environment to prep, plan and get sh*t done.

  2. Clear out your fridge and cupboards - stock them with nourishing foods so that you don’t go reaching for treats. If you’re like me, you’ve just had plenty on vacation ;)

  3. Meal planning! I don’t do the typical Sunday batch cooking but I do pick 2-3 recipes from a cookbook and write down any additional ingredients I need to pick up from the grocery store. Cookbooks I love to get inspiration from are: A Modern Way to Cook by Anna Jones, Deliciously Ella's Natural Feast and Cook Beautiful by Athena Calderone. 

  4. Hot time saver tip: make enough food to take for lunch the next day. Leftovers are KEY.

  5. Plan your workouts for the week. I plan my weekly workouts in my iCalendar with a set time and location to keep me accountable. If I just plan it in my head it can easily get forgotten or pushed until later. Make it a priority!

  6. For extra motivation - schedule workout classes with an instructor or with a workout buddy to hold yourself accountable.

  7. Be realistic with your come back - don’t go too hard right away because it’s not maintainable! You don't want to burn out from the get-go.

  8. Set short-term goals - weekly micro goals to tick off at the end of the week will keep you on track long term. I like to make mini challenges i.e. add 2 extra servings of greens a day or schedule 2 spin classes this week.

  9. Hydrate!! Sipping water all day long is one of the best things you can do for your health. Easy wellness!

  10. Get lots of sleep! Aim for a solid 8 hours - you'll need to be rested to feel energized and motivated to get in your daily movement.

Whether you're getting back on track or just getting started I hope these tips help you reach your big-hearted goals!! 

Lots of love xx