Get Outside: Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon Park - Kris Gill

I believe that one of the best things a person can do for their mental health is to get outside. So, as part of weekend self-care, I’m making it a routine to head outside on mini adventures in and around Vancouver. I’ll keep documenting these little travels if you’d like. Let me know below!

Lynn Canyon Park - Kris Gill

get outside

Nick and I both love getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and take in natures beauty, it just puts us both in a much better mood. Especially if we’re in an argument or both feeling stressed, it’s the best place to go to get our heads on straight. Studies show that a walk in the woods can significantly improve your mental health and I couldn’t agree more. My breath becomes slower, mind clearer and worries get left behind. Nick and I will sometimes strike up a conversation and others times we are both just taking it all in as we walk. A forest meditation really, each to our own as we wonder about in that place you tend to visualize in yoga class or when you’re all worked up.

Lynn Canyon Park - Kris Gill

fresh air

While we like to refer to it as getting some fresh air, some are calling it ‘forest bathing’ or ‘forest therapy’. A new trend that seems to be going around in the wellness world right now. My Nan would get such a crack out of this. A woman who believed that being in the woods berry picking was the best thing in the entire world. I never quite understood her love for the forest until I started living a more chaotic life *work, technology, living in a bustling city*. But, it all makes sense now, nine children was chaos for her and picking berries (forest bathing one might say) was her way of reconnecting with herself.

Don’t mind the trends, the names or labels. There is no right or wrong way to connect with nature to reap the benefits. So get outside and see there the wind takes you! Or, make a plan to adventure somewhere new and perhaps pick a few berries along the way.

Lynn Canyon Park - Kris Gill

lynn canyon park

If you live in the city, a great place that’s close to get some fresh air is Lynn Canyon Park. That’s where we ended up this past weekend. There were quite a lot of people around in the afternoon so, I suggest if you’re there for alone time you get there early in the morning. The park is free to explore which is a bonus since some hiking trails in the area tend to require a pass. There are many different trails, falls, and even a suspension bridge to check out here along with multiple places to stop and admire the pools of water as they run through the forest. We spent a solid 2 hours here, taking our time wondering the trails, taking a few photos and chatting about life aka the ‘when are we going to get a dog’ chat.

All in all it’s a beautiful area to check out on the weekend if you need a little more bliss in your life!