Get Inspired: Cookbooks for Eating Vegetarian

Get Inspired-Veggie Cookbooks-Kris Gill

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve felt very compelled to start eating a primarily plant-based diet. I won’t put a label on myself because it’s about a 80/20 split for me right now. If I’m cooking at home, it’s a plant based meal with small amounts of dairy but if I’m out for dinner or with friends I’m flexible to eat what’s prepared. Which, is a partly due to my easy going tendencies and not wanting to be ‘that person’… but I’m working on it!!

Truthfully, the thought of preparing meat is becoming less and less appealing to me. Yes, even bacon. I was listening to a friends conversation on Instagram the other day and he phrased how I was feeling towards letting go of certain food emotions in a way that really resonated with me. Essentially, there was an emphasis on why we aren’t associating the entire process of how a piece of meat get’s to our plate, just to have seconds of temporary pleasure. The impact of raising the animal on the planet, the cruelty, poor living conditions, the killing - all for moments of temporary pleasure. That’s what a piece of bacon was to me with brunch on a weekend, temporary pleasure. It’s not a necessity to live, it’s a moment of salty pleasure. It sort of reminded me of that saying for sweets: a second on the lips, a lifetime of the hips. Ever since, I’ve been feeling less and less attached to my emotions with animal products and more mindful of what I consume. I think of the entire process before I act and try to be more selfless.

Ethical and sustainability reasons aside, I’m REALLY loving the challenge of making plants + legumes the center of my plate. It challenges me to go beyond my normal cooking repertoire and get inspired to try new recipes, flavours and spices! Maybe it’s my inner kitchen nerd shinning through, but new recipes just fire me up!! My favourite way to seek inspiration is to flip through a beautiful cookbook. Today, I’m sharing my top four veggie cookbooks with you to help spark your interest in making more plant forward meals in your home!

Oh She Glows Every Day - Angela Liddon

This was my first ever plant-based cookbook purchase! It inspired me to make everything into a ‘bowl’ haha! Nourish bowls, salad bowls, curry bowls… you name it. This book is filled with tons of great snacks, desserts and pantry recipes. I used to love making the Cookie Dough Balls on p. 93 and still refer to the Lemon-Tahini Dressing on p.265 for my nourish bowls!

Natural Feasts - Deliciously Ella

Ella has been inspiring me for years with her Youtube channel where she makes tons of easy plant-based recipes. I was very excited to see she had a book come out called Natural Feasts because although I could prepare a plant-based recipe here and there it was a challenge to prepare food of a gathering where you had vegan and vegetarian guests. Highly recommend this one for entertaining a crowd!

One Part Plant Cookbook - Jessica Murnane

Firstly, if you don’t already listen to Jessica’s podcast One Part Plant, get on that! In the first couple seasons she interviews many plant-based cookbook authors and bloggers who are pioneering the industry! These chat’s alone will get you inspired! Jessica recently put together a cookbook with many recipes and contributors from people she’s connected with over the podcast. It’s just like the title insinuates, simple guide to eating real food, one meal at a time. Perfect for people dipping their toes into plant-based cooking. I’m a huge fan of her Baklava-ish Toast on p. 66 for a sweet breakfast treat!

A Modern Way to Cook - Anna Jones

I’ve saved the best for last. The Anna Jones, A Modern Way to Cook is my absolute favourite cookbook!! The book is just so calming and beautiful to read, and I love that the recipes are categorized by time. When I need a quick delicious meal ready in thirty, I just head to that section. And let’s be honest, we don’t want to be spending more time than that on a weeknight. She get’s me. I love her salads, the Grilled Avocado Barley Bowl on p. 127 is fab for lunch and the Lentil Ragu Agrodolce p. 195 is a huge hit at our dinner table!

Are you trying to make more plant-based meals at home? What’s inspiring you?