Five Habits that Changed my Health

Five Habits that Changed my Health - Kris Gill
  1. Tongue scraping - this is a non-negotiable for my morning routine. It’s the first thing I do every morning upon waking. Tongue scraping clears toxins & bacteria from the tongue that have accumulated during your sleep. As you may know, sleep is your bodies natural way of detoxifying itself. So, I definitely don’t want to be ingesting that icky sludge back into my body!

  2. Taking my supplements daily - I was in a bad habit of not taking my supplements routinely and truthfully I didn’t notice a difference when I took them inconsistently. It wasn’t until I consulted with a doctor and was professionally recommended to take supplements for my health that I took it more seriously. So don’t wait until your health is compromised to take your supplement routine seriously! Taking my supplements is also a part of my morning routine along with a big glass of room temp water and it makes a world of difference.

Five Habits that Changed my Health - Kris Gill

3. Walking and running outside - getting outside at least once a day is like a daily dose for your mental health! Get outside for a short walk or run, absorb some vitamin d and breathe in the fresh air. Pure bliss!

4. Eating more plants - eating a variety of plants is essentials for giving your body the all vitamins and minerals it requires. If you eat the same things over and over you’re not doing your body any favors. Doing this makes me feel so much healthier and I’m never bored at meal time. Win win!

5. Getting enough sleep - I’m a 9 hour a night kind of girl. Some of you may think that’s a lot but my body needs and thrives off sleep so I make sure I get it! There is nothing worse than feeling tired, groggy and unproductive!

What are some daily habits you need to feel your healthiest? I’d love to know below xx