Fitness Mistakes I've Made

Fitness Mistakes I've Made - Kris Gill

Today I wanted to chat with you about the fitness related mistakes that I’ve made in the past. The things I wish I knew when I started, if you will. With so much advice out there to consume, it can be very overwhelming to figure out what’s best for you in terms of your health and fitness. So, to help make things a little easier if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, please take my mistakes into consideration and save yourself the trouble!

following fad diets

I was so guilty of this! I would try anything a Women’s Health mag said would make me look lean and toned. This lead to a very unhealthy relationship with food because I was constantly thinking of foods that were ‘bad’ or ‘off limits’ instead of thinking of all of the ‘good’ and ‘nutritious’ foods I could have been eating.

counting calories

I used enter every little thing I ate into MyFitnessPal at one point in my life. Boy, do I wish I could have that time back. For one, a calorie counter can’t tell you the exact amount of calories you need to be eating in a day based on a 30 second quiz. Every body is so completely different and your calorie intake could be completely different from what they suggest.

obsessing over low calorie instead of high nutrient 

As I just mentioned above, I think calorie counters are a waste of time because of their inaccuracy. Instead of focusing on the number of calories I ate in a day I wish I would have focused that energy on getting a larger variety of nutrients. Now when I eat a meal I don’t think is this low cal, high protein (will get to that in a sec), I think is the meal nutrient dense? Are there plenty of veg? Source or greens, fiber and healthy fat? Those are way more important!!

carbs aren’t the enemy 

Carbs are your BEST friend. Your body needs carbs to produce energy for training AND more importantly to produce serotonin, which is the the feel good neurotransmitter responsible for our sleep, mood and even our sex drive. Carbs = happiness. My advice is to fuel your body with good sources of carbs such as oats, whole grains and a variety of veg!

protein isn’t everything

Protein isn’t the be all and end all, you don’t need to be a the center of every snack and meal. I used to be obsessed with making sure I was getting enough protein throughout the day whilst training. But, what I didn’t realize is that again every body is different and your not always absorbing all the protein that you eat anyways. I also used to think that my muscles would eat themselves if I didn’t consume a giant helping of protein after a workout. Crazy, I know. My approach to protein when training is much more relaxed and I don’t fret about eating it at every single meal and I still feel strong!

lifting weights won’t make you bulky

You’ve probably heard this many times… BUT ITS TRUE. I used to think this when I first started working out. I only ever did cardio at the gym. One, that’s boring and exhausting just to be doing cardio. Two, you would have to lift weights like a maniac for like 10 years straight to get ‘bulky’. Go ahead… start lifting!!

depending on supplements

You don’t need to depend on ‘workout’ supplements. Don’t waste money on pre-workouts, bcaa’s or even protein powder. You truly don’t need it and in my experience most brands out there are far from healthy. Drink a cup of black coffee for a pre-workout boost and make yourself a balanced meal afterwards with protein, fat, fiber and greens. Simple.

the comparison trap

I have never in my life had abs and I’ve finally accepted it. I used to compare my body, my workouts and my diet to other women who had abs just to be like them. Again, I know now that every body is different and most people who have abs have a very naturally low body fat percentage. I carry ‘fat’ on my body even at my fittest and I’m totally fine with it. In fact I love it, having curves makes me feel more womanly!

Do you relate to any of these? Let me know in the comments below! xx