Doing Well: Moving To A New City

Doing Well: Moving To A New City
Doing Well: Moving To A New City

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From experience, I know that moving can take a serious toll on our well-being.⁣

Having lived in 3 different provinces in the last 3 years, I’ve went through so many bouts of loneliness, regret, anxiety, having to make new friends, cultivating my own community feel and starting new routines. Having moved again about 8 months ago, I wanted to share the things I’ve been doing differently to help me settle gently into a new place, to feel more gratitude towards it and how I’m feeling more ‘at home’ in a new city.

Don’t dwell on regrets or what if’s from moving. It’s so important to see a new location as an opportunity to grow, learn and explore a whole new perspective! ⁣

Give it time. Feeling at home, making new friends and having community feels takes way more time than we’d like. But it will happen. In the meantime, try to keep busy, get outside to walk among people, get to a hobby or fitness class, even events to just feel a part of something bigger.⁣

Making friends. Personally, as I get older I’m not focused on having a ton of friends, just a few really great ones. As I mentioned above, a great place to make friends is at a class or an event. You’re both there because you have something in common so it’s easier to strike up conversation this way! ⁣

Get social on social media. Connect with like minded people and ask them to coffee or join you for a walk. I’ve meet some really lovely people this way! ⁣

Walk + talk. Ahh this got me through so many lonely times! When you’re commuting, call someone up! Your mom or your bestie across the country, to catch up and talk about your day! ⁣

Remember. If you’re home sick, you can Face Time or visit home as often as you can! ⁣

Finally, routine. Something every well-woman thrives from! Getting thrown off routine can have serious impacts on our well-being. Again, it’s best to see this as a new opportunity to create a fresh routine from the get-go! If you still haven’t done this, no worries, today is the day to start! Write out your daily priorities and see them through for the rest of the month! You’ll be on track in no time! 

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