Current Fitness Routine & An Ode to Outdoor Running

My Current Fitness Goals & Ode to Outdoor Running

How are we all feeling on this rather beautiful day? Great I hope! Today, I’m sharing my current fitness routine with you and how I plan on sticking to an outdoor running routine for the rest of the year.


Sticking with what you love. My plan this year is to get back into a consistent weight training routine. I used to lift weights for years before I moved to Toronto back in 2017. And let me tell you, I was in the best shape of my LIFE. I felt so strong, toned and confident in my body. Too confident maybe, because I thought I could leave my training routine and just hit up classes such as spin, barre and pilates to keep getting the same results. Yes, I like those classes, but they just don’t have the same results as weight training did for me. So this year I’m sticking with what I love and what I know best as a personal trainer.

My current gym routine looks like:

Monday - Legs + core

Tuesday - Chest + triceps

Wednesday - Back, biceps + core

Thursday - Legs + core

Friday - Shoulders + conditioning


Introducing more cardio. Ewwww. This year is going to be the year of cardio for me. Outdoor running to be precise. I tend to skip cardio at the gym, I just don’t love it and it tends to get a little boring after a while. You can only update your music so much to keep you entertained…you know? But enough is enough, and that’s why I’m making an ode to outdoor running. I’m very fortunate to live in Vancouver, where the weather is mild and there’s an endless amount of running trails. So it’s time to take advantage of it! My cardio plan is to get in two shorter 20-30 minute runs and one longer 1-hour run per week. To keep myself accountable I’m going to share my runs with you on stories. If you don’t see me on there huffing and puffing you have permission to give me sh*t.

The plan:

Tuesday - Short 20-30 minutes

Thursday - Short 20-30 minutes

Sunday - Long 1-hour

So there you have it, my current fitness routine! Let me know if you’d like to see a breakdown of my go-to workouts in future posts! xx