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A Common topic that I get asked about is supplements. Supplements are very important to me to improve my overall health, especially when I can't always get what I need from food sources. And, just so you are aware, I ran tests and consulted with my doctor to find out exactly what I was deficient in to come up with a list of supplements together that would help improve my mood, gut and skin health. I advise you do to the same before starting a supplement routine. You may not realize you are deficient in a certain area and you also don't want to waste your money on something you don't need. 

So, here are the supplements that I take every single day and love!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for how our body functions, it helps with our immune system and our brain health. Living in Canada we don't always get enough Vitamin D from the sunshine, making it a common deficiency among many people. For me, it’s really important to take it all year round to keep my body and mind healthy. I like to take it in the form of drops, on the back of my washed hand in the morning. Vitamin D is fat soluble so be sure to have it with something to eat.


My gut health is something that I have concentrated on for a long time, having suffered from digestion problems throughout my life. Probiotics for me are a non-negotiable. It’s important for gut health, immunity, digestion and even skin health. Take it in the morning on an empty stomach. Right now I use Cyto-Matrix Multi-Strain 11 but have also used and really liked Ultimate Flora 30 Billion.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex has really helped support my mood this past year. From my blood test, I found out that this deficiency could be a major contributor to my depression and mood swings especially if I've drank any alcohol. When you drink, your Vitamin B gets depleted even more and boy I would be an emotional state the next morning even just a glass of wine at dinner. I like to take this in the morning on an empty stomach and if I know I'm having drinks with friends later in the evening, I will tuck one in my purse to take it again before consuming alcohol. Again, right now I'm using Cyto-Matrix B-Complex SAP but there is a similar formula by Nature's Bounty, a brand I use for my Magnesium. 


Chlorella is so important for skin health! It really helps to reduce redness (especially if you have rosacea like me), acne and the brightness of your skin. It also helps with you immunity and fighting colds because it's antioxidant properties. Take this on an empty stomach in the morning for glowing skin.


Another common deficiency is magnesium. Magnesium is vital as it helps regulate mood, sleep patterns, reduces twitchy muscles and will help balance hormones. I take a magnesium an hour before bed every evening and it really helps me to de-stress and relax before bed to get a good nights rest. 

Fish Oil

I know most of you probably cringe at the thought of taking fish oil because of the fishy aftertaste but there are some great brands out there now that really mask it. Fish oil is so important for brain power, keeping a healthy heart, lubrication of joints, preventing inflammation and again, glowing skin! 

I take it with food, as it helps them digest better and helps reduce the dreaded fish burps you can get from certain brands. The Cyto-Matrix liquid Omega D3 Forte is the best for no aftertaste. Just make sure that whichever brand you use it has both DHA and EPA to reap all the benefits. 

*The Cyto-Matrix brand of Probiotics, Vitamin B-Complex and Liquid Omega D3 that I use is from Fullscript. However, you need a prescription from a Naturopathic Doctor to purchase. 

Big love,


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