5 Ways to Have A Better Morning

5 Ways to Have A Better Morning - Kris Gill

don’t hit snooze

Get up and ditch the snooze button! I find snoozing makes me more tired. If I get up directly, I get right into the swing of things and have more time in the morning to do what I love!

resist reaching for your phone

It can be very tempting to start the day scrolling through your phone, I know I’m guilty of it sometimes. However I find myself happier when I start the day on my own. I try to get up and head right to the kitchen to get the coffee ready! I like to be in my own headspace, before being overwhelmed with other peoples lives!

5 Ways to Have A Better Morning - Kris Gill

hydrate before you caffeinate

I always drink a huge glass of room temperature water as soon as I wake up! It makes me feel so refreshed and happy. My rule - always hydrate before you caffeinate!

breathe and move

One of my favourite ways to set the day, albeit I don’t do this enough, is to have a really good mediation and yoga stretch in the morning. I love to put on a guided meditation (Calm is great) and stretch it out to one of Adriene or Shona’s videos.

eat breakfast

Enjoy your morning meal and make it a routine - it will set you up for a successful day. Find lots of breakfast inspiration here!