There are many feelings and emotions that come and go throughout our day. Anxiety sometimes being one of them. If you know the feeling, then you know it can turn into one nasty spiral. Big changes, dwelling on the past or worrying about the future are sure fire triggers for me to feel anxious. So, when I start feeling anxious I try my absolute best to nip it in the bud to avoid that spiral of emotions taking over by using these five things to help me calm down:

  1. Accept that you are anxious. Acceptance is the most important step to calming down because trying to fight it often worsens it. Always remember that anxiety is just a feeling.

  2. Take a minute to stop what you're doing and breathe. This is an instant fix to most anxious feelings. Take 8-10 deep, slow breaths with your eyes closed.

  3. Do NOT eat or drink anything with caffeine to alter your stress levels. When I catch myself feeling anxious I definitely stay away from coffee or my heart will immediately take off like a race horse and I'm hours before I can calm down again. Make yourself something soothing like a cup of this tea.

  4. A quick 10 minute mediation can work wonders for calming your anxiety. I love using Coco Tiekle's Glow Meditations. I have them on my phone to use anytime I need to calm down. Street car, walking home or even sitting at my desk.

  5. Assess your emotions. Ask yourself what your anxiety related to? I usually feel anxious when I excessively think about the past or worry about the future. When I remember that it's one of these two things I know I need to focus on the PRESENT. Ask yourself, what can I do in this present moment for myself?