5 Tips to Avoid a Hangover

Image via  pinterest

Image via pinterest

fuel with nutrients

The first step to avoiding a hangover may seem obvious, but it’s to eat a well balanced meal beforehand. Slowing down the process of alcohol entering your bloodstream is much better for your liver, kidney’s and digestive system. Having a full and nourished stomach will help absorb some of the alcohol instead of it all flooding into your bloodstream at once and wreaking havoc on your body the next day.


Drink plenty of water during the day if you know you’ll be drinking that evening. It’s also important to keep hydrated whilst you drink to avoid dehydration therefor having a glass or two of water between drinks will help prevent headaches, fatigue and dizziness the next day.

skip the sugar

Consuming sugar along with alcohol is going to dehydrate your body even MORE because both sugar and alcohol are processed through the liver. The liver has difficulty processing alcohol and may be too busy trying to process it to help control your sugar, making it seem like you get drunk faster with a more severe hangover. Think vodka or tequila soda with fresh citrus to help you with this one!

vitamin b

Alcohol depletes your levels of vitamin b big time! Vitamin b plays a major role in your bodies irritability, mood and energy when low. I personally take vitamin b every morning and will take another capsule before consuming any alcohol (even if its just a quick happy hour). I have noticed a significant difference in my mood and energy the follow morning when I do take them!

keep it light

Know your limit and stick to the amount of drinks you are comfortable with. Easier said than done, but try and not let anyone pressure you into having another if YOU don’t want to. You’ll thank yourself in the morning!