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Wellness isn’t just about eating right and exercising, it’s everything we can do to help live our best lives! Here some simple ways to incorporate daily wellness:

  1. Consume food in a mindful way.

  2. Make a nutritious meal using fresh, organic and or local produce.

  3. Make your beauty routine less toxic. Try switching to an all natural product every time something runs out.

  4. Begin an environmentally-healthy habit like using a reusable coffee cup.

  5. Meditate 10 minutes a day. 

  6. Get more sleep. A solid 8 hours makes a world of difference.  

  7. Remove judgement from your life. Towards yourself and others.

  8. If something is making you unhappy, identify it and begin making change.

  9. Take a break from social media. Put your phone down!  

  10. Practice self-love at least 10 minutes a day. Not sure where to begin? Here’s a guide to help you start.

  11. Incorporate daily movement. Yoga, weights, cardio, Pilates, Barre or a walk!

  12. Turn your home into a wellness retreat. Remove clutter and organize, keep spaces bright and open, plants plants plants, and keep a well stocked fridge and pantry!  

Do you practice wellness daily? Leave a comment below!