We Are Not Just One Thing - My Story

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After completing a bachelor's degree in Business, I was left in a constant search of a feeling (you probably know the one) to feel happy and fulfilled on the inside. I was lost in trying to figure out exactly what my career path was going to look like. Some things were certain, like my love for being creative, active and to be my own boss. I knew it was attainable but I just couldn't figure out how to put it all into action. I watched as the people who had found it glowed and I so badly wanted to be a part of that!

From the outside, I may have looked put together and happy but I truly wasn’t. The feeling of unfulfillment flooded me with depression and anxiety for a long time. I found myself still working the soulless job I took right out of university with the mindset that I would stay until I found my dream job. That turned into years of stress, tears and constantly questioning what am I doing with my life?!

Wellness has always been my escape to feel bliss when I didn’t know how to control life around me. As a lifelong athlete, I was taught from a young age that to be healthy you just need to be active and eat right. I did both of those things, but that wasn’t enough. I didn’t realize until my mid-twenties that there was a huge element of my health that was being neglected. My mind. I didn’t know how to cultivate my own inner happiness.

Learning to take care of my mind was a journey that I, unfortunately, had to figure out on my own. I kept thinking what is wrong with me? Why can’t I just figure out what I’m supposed to do with my life!? I kept all these feelings, the stress, and confusion to myself for far too long. I felt that I should be able to figure it all out on my own. Eventually, my parents started to see signs of my depression and grew concerned. Sadly, they confronted me with a very harsh reality. I was told “mental illness runs in the family and you need to know that you're going to struggle with it just like the rest of us”.

Rest of us?! My world was completely shaken. How did I not know my grandmother spent her entire life living with depression and that she tried to take her own life? All I knew was that she was sick and as any young girl would interpret, that just meant she had the flu. And how did I not know that many of the women in my family struggle with some form of mental illness every single day? It was a rude awakening and one that has weighed heavily on my heart.

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You could say that learning this gave me the clarity and purpose I had been looking for. Because no longer was I going to sit back and watch my own life, happiness and well-being slip away from me and no longer was I going to watch the beautiful people around me live a life without soul-fueled health and fulfillment!

It is my deepest desire to help people find their bliss. What is bliss you might ask? It’s that feeling that I mentioned earlier. That feeling when your purpose, well-being, and happiness have all aligned around you! Life is way too short to feel lost and unwell. That’s why I’m here to help you!

I believe in a whole-mind body wellness approach to finding your bliss. Working together, we will come up with a custom plan to help you achieve balance in any areas that feel out of your control. Whether it’s your happiness, nutrition, fitness or soul-purpose, I’m here to help you connect with yourself in a deeper, more meaningful way to truly live the life you deserve!